IDEA launches the accredited training program Effective Assessment Strategies

                     ✓ 10 professional transferable credits

                     ✓ 40 hours (22 face-to-face + 12 on-line + 6 direct feedback) 

The purpose of the program

The training program aims at preparing teachers for meaningful assessment. 

Some specific objectives

At the end of the program, all the participants will:

• be able to structure assessment criteria

• classify items according to a set of criteria

• find appropriate questions to test students' range of abilities within a domain

• understand the importance of reflective attitude in teaching and learning 

Topics addressed by the training sessions

• Effective assessment: concepts, techniques, strategies

• Tasks analysis and reformulation

• Competence-based assessment • Using multiple-choice items for effective assessment

• Relevant criteria in classifying assessment items

• Developing items based on the studied criteria • Designing and applying tests, and interpreting the results

• Redesigning items and tests according to students' needs

• Feedback tools for learning