The IDEA assessment system serves as basis for the STARs project.

The STARs project main objectives:

• Develop a digital operational system for processing the databases obtained from mass competitions, which can communicate significant information to various actors in the educational system (students, teachers, researchers, decision makers)

• Offer students a detailed criteria-based analysis of their answers with the purpose to help them to develop own learning techniques and metacognition. Individual performances are compared to the performances of other participants of his/her cohort based on clear established criteria.

• Offer teachers a tool for assessing students’ potential, obtained through the automatized analysis of large databases. Through the Internet, teachers can access structured information or they can ask for specific analysis regarding the students from their class/ school.

• Find out what students know, what they prefer, what kind of mistakes they make more frequently.

• Collect and correlate data from tracking students’ results along multiple competitions.