The IDEA assessment system serves as basis for the STARs project. The STARs project main objectives: • Develop a digital operational system for processing the databases obtained from mass competitions, which can communicate significant information to various actors in the educational system (students, teachers, researchers, decision makers)
The IDEA Seminars take place in the Kangaroo summer camps every year. The IDEA seminars aim to strengthen teachers’ competence in effective assessment by: • Involving teachers in projects focused on improving school assessment of various subjects, such as Mother tongue (Romanian), Foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish), Mathematics, IT, Science • Guiding the design of items and…
IDEA launches the accredited training program Effective Assessment Strategies   • 10 professional transferable credits • 40 hours(22 face-to-face + 12 on-line + 6 direct feedback) The purpose of the program The training program aims at preparing teachers for meaningful assessment. Some specific objectives
EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY CHALLENGES - TEACHERS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY – 3RD EDITION (EPC-TKS 2015) will be held in Romania - Ploieşti, May 8 - 10, 2015, The Palace of Culture (downtown Ploiesti)