IDEA rewards clever ideas!

Students, teachers and parents are invited to send to IDEA: smart, interesting and funny questions to test knowledge and understanding of various domains. 

The PRIM Contest – The Linguistic Kangaroo
The posed questions should address students in grades 3-12 (at least the 2nd year of study) and challenge:
• knowledge of language and civilization
• general knowledge
• creativity
• intuition

The questions could be items of logic, history, geography, politics, music, arts, sports, etc., in English, French, German, or Spanish.

The PRIM Contest – Applied Mathematics
The posed multiple-choice problems should address students in grades 1-12 and should be:
• original
• challenging
• funny
• insightful
A board of teachers selects the most interesting proposals periodically. The best items get prizes, and are be published within the books developed by Sigma Publishing House.